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GeoLocator Lead Capture Tool

We are extremely excited to launch the AgentBillboard GeoLocator Lead Capture Tool. This new technology will allow real estate agents across the country to offer sellers an instant valuation of their property. Sellers curious about the value of their home will access their property value immediately via a URL that is exclusive to each agent.

When the property owner clicks the link, they are immediately located by our software and their address and house value is immediately displayed for them. Behind the scenes, the property address is instantly emailed to our real…

From the CEO

Congratulations on your decision to grow your business. I know you are looking to generate more leads and start earning more money because you are reading this post.

My name is Ray Carrano and I am the CEO and Founder of AgentBillboard. I am not just a website enthusiast, I am a licensed real estate broker in Florida and Georgia and have been buying and selling real estate for over twenty-five years. I own several very successful real estate companies and have managed hundreds of agents, helping them build their…

Singer Island SEO

Singer Island Realty is the premier brokerage operating on Singer Island on the east coast of Florida

Broker, Ray Carrano, uses AgentBillboard to tweak their website for SEO purposes. Writing unique content, examining Meta Tags and link building are just a few of the techniques we use to help boost traffic and search rankings for Ray.

Contact Ray any time to discuss AgentBillboard. You can find him at the top of the organic searches on Google, MSN, Bing, AOL and others.

Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens Realty uses AgentBillboard Squeeze Pages to generate leads. They use these landing pages in Facebook campaigns aimed at Buyers and Sellers in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Did you know that you can target market a specific audience on Facebook? For example, you can target sellers who live in your city and own a home? You can even specify interests like real estate investing, home ownership and real estate. Let AgentBillboard show you how to begin generating quality leads yourself in your area.

We offer exclusive territories, so you…

Lake Lanier, Georgia

Lake Lanier is the most popular lake in Georgia. Located just outside of Atlanta, the competition for business is fierce. uses AgentBillboard Squeeze Page solutions to generate leads from Sellers and Buyers on the lake.

In any market you have to have an edge. Lead generating squeeze pages with a clear, concise call to action pique the interests of Buyers and Sellers. They are happy to give their information when there are no distractions and the goal of the campaign is clear.

Jupiter Florida Open House

Florida Broker Ray Carrano uses AgentBillboard for lead capture in a variety of ways. In this example, Ray is going to capture leads at his open house in Jupiter Florida.

Visitors to open houses are asked to fill out an information sheet when they arrive. Ray chooses to use an online solution developed by AgentBillboard to have the visitor fill in their name and email address on an iPad. The lead is automatically subscribed to a CRM and put into a drip campaign. The potential client immediately receives an email…


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