We are extremely excited to launch the AgentBillboard GeoLocator Lead Capture Tool. This new technology will allow real estate agents across the country to offer sellers an instant valuation of their property. Sellers curious about the value of their home will access their property value immediately via a URL that is exclusive to each agent.

When the property owner clicks the link, they are immediately located by our software and their address and house value is immediately displayed for them. Behind the scenes, the property address is instantly emailed to our real estate agent, giving the the agent an opportunity to mail their listing presentation package to the home owner.

If the user chooses to fill in an email address, our software sends a welcome email to them immediately, introducing our agents services to them complete with all contact information.

There is no website required to use this tool! The custom URL can be easily added to an agents existing website and is perfect for Facebook and other social media campaigns. Special pricing is available for a limited time only.

Click this link to see the GeoLocator Tool in action for yourself


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